Thursday, June 9th
Posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2016 at 6:15 pm


Athlete: Amber Crotty
Year & Major: Junior, Physcian’s Assistant
Hometown: Fruitport, MI
High School: Fruitport Community High

Today is the day we’ve all been waiting for, the women are on their way to ENGLAND! Started the day off waking up at 4am to load the van at 5am, departing to Chicago. The van ride consisted of excited chatter of England, laughter (we all looked like blueberries), and tasty donuts. We arrived a little over an hour early for our flight to New York. This was my first time ever in an airport and flying on an airplane. Fortunately, I had experienced teammates.

To my suprise, I out that I was one of the lucky two that had “TSA fast passes” through security. Although, I had to go through the extra screening process anyways because of my suspicious demeanor. Faith and I waited for our teammates patiently by the boarding gate. Once everyone was present, we (mainly me) was forced into a photo shoot. The women took several pictures in front of the planes through the windows, by our luggage and by our boarding information/airport signs.

Our flight was finally called up to board. The girls lined up next to the boarding gate, while Coach Michelle took pictures of us (while crying hysterically). Somehow the flight attendants found out that it was my first time on the plane. After announcing the basic flight information and welcoming the team aboard the plane, everyone clapped and cheered for my first time. Before taking off, one of the flight attendants made sure that I was buckled in correctly, given that I was a “newbie”. The engines roared and we ascended into the clouds.

Before landing, I was given my little silver wings (because I survived) and was invited to sit in the cockpit. After landing, the team dispersed like hungry beasts throughout the airport for food. We are currently waiting for our flight to London, which departs at 7:30pm.

I’m excited to check another life event off the list and leave the country for the first time. England here we come!

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