53rd MACRA Championship Regatta

April 30th, 2017
East Fork State Park
Harsha Lake, Cincinnati, OH

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Laker Navy Has Strong Showing at MACRA

The Laker Navy came out swinging at the 53rd annual MACRA regatta, hosted at East Fork Lake State Park. From top to bottom the entire team found success; at the end of the day many GVSU athletes found medals hanging around their necks.

In what head coach John Bancheri called “the most exciting MACRA finish in the past decade,” the men’s V8+ was part of a four way battle to the finish line. Finishing 2.7 seconds behind the winning Mercyhurst crew and only one behind second place Michigan, the crew took bronze in the last race of the day. The men’s 2V8+ also took third, along with the men’s pair. The men’s novice four took fifth and the men’s 1x 6th in their respective grand finals.

The women’s V8+ also finished third in their final. The highest place finish went to the F/N4+ and the V2-, earning silver medals. The women’s 2V8+ took fourth in their grand final.

The team now turns to Philadelphia and the Dad Vail regatta. We would like to thank the friends and family of the Laker Navy who came out to support the team, and to those that were cheering from home. Keep pulling for the Laker Navy!.

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