Day 3 – March 4th
Posted on Sunday, March 4th, 2018 at 11:39 pm

Elliot River morning
Elliot Rieth
Grand Rapids, MI
Public Relations

Today began chilly and bright. With the possibilities of the day ahead of us, the team gathered for breakfast in the lobby before heading to the course. Once we reached the launch site, we all gathered around for a very in-depth “chalk talk” by Coach Bancheri about the drive sequence, among other important rowing concepts. Using the erg arm to show what the effects of these techniques would be on the water, Coach walked us through the importance of logical sequential order of the muscle groups and how that relates to the rowing stroke. After a few more examples of why this concept is important and the effects that it has on performance, we hit the water for our first practice of the day.

During the first practice of the day, we fought waves and wind to perfect our technique. With the men in fours and the top women in an eight, we went through many different iterations of placement and bob drills to work on length, timing, and proper recovery technique. After this, we took to rowing steady state to calmer waters where we were able to then work on power and the drive sequence in more optimal conditions. After a long morning of technique and power work, we headed in for lunch.

We finished the morning with a nice lunch and then headed back to the hotel for a break. A few of the men and I headed to Walmart and picked up a few snacks to munch on in between practices. After we had finished, we headed back to the hotel to play Super Smash Bros on GameCube till practice, an age old tradition. I ended up falling asleep on the floor of my hotel room and was suddenly awakened to the news that we had to go to practice. So, I quickly changed and drove some of the men to practice.

During the second practice of the day the men were back in fours, and the women were split into an eight and a four. We spent the evening continuing our focus on the drive sequence, while incorporating a little bit of competition. Coach B had us do a little bit of “battle paddle” to see who was pushing the hardest, but, more importantly, who was getting the best grasp of the technique we had been working on. The weather was fantastic this evening. The sunset was wonderful, wind was minimal, and the temperature was just warm enough to enjoy a nice row home.

All in all, today was excellent, and I look forward to how the rest of this trip is going to go.

Women rowing mansion tennessee

Linda Goldberg
Schaumburg, IL
Allied Health Sciences

Our second day of the Tennessee training camp started bright and early with a chalk talk led by coach B. Over the course of the next half hour, we were walked through technical work on the drive, recovery, and blade work. With this, I learned that finishing with your legs and arms at the same time made for a more efficient boat. When coming out of the catch, it is important to start the drive sequence with your legs, back, then arms, this sequence allows for “7 pounds off the seat.” Also, ergs do in fact float on water. After this, all of us got ready to row with our teams. As a fill in coxswain, it is very interesting to see how these technical drills come into play, and how dramatically they effect the boat.

The novice women went out in an eight boat for about two hours. We used drills and rowed by 6’s to work on what we were taught. Once we were all docked all of the boats we had lunch, then went back to the hotel so we could rest up for the evening practice. During this time, the novice women took out a four boat and focused on feathering and hands away. Overall, today’s practices were very beneficial and worth while.

sunset row afternoon

Colin Johnson
Battle Creek, MI
Criminal Justice

Day 2 was a day full of learning and reorientation of rowing on the water. We started the am practice Coach B gave a great chalk talk about the drive where at one point he explained the box which was new for me. After that the novice 8 went out and did drills for the drive that I thought were very predictive.

After practice the team made a trip to Walmart for some snakes and basic necessities afterwards Brandon and I made a run to Bojangles a fast food chicken restaurant that I have been wanting to try for a while.

I loved the pm practice as it was a 20k steady state by 6s it really gave me a chance to work on my power, length, and backing the blade in. We also got a chance to look at the houses along the river and for a person who enjoys architecture I really liked it along with finding new parts of the Tennessee River.

We finally ended the day with 14 of us eating dinner together at a local Mexican restaurant which was a nice way to wined down the day. Today got me really excited to see what the rest of training camp has in store.

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