Day 6 – March 7th
Posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2018 at 10:14 pm

Rachel Keller
Hometown: Carol Springs, IL
Major: Clinical Exercise Science
Today was a early start for the Laker Navy. All crews left at 6:45 AM, with the men heading to Oak Ridge to practice and race with Georgetown. The women went to the boathouse and went out for a long steady state and technical row. The row was very challenging as we battled high winds, low temperatures, and huge waves! I was in a four and our practice was focused on drawing high into the body, feathering away, and balance. We all had a great practice despite the conditions, and are looking forward to our night off.

Our night off in Gatlinburg was very relaxing! We got there around 2:30 and left around 7pm. There was something for everyone: hiking, shopping, and site seeing. The team favorite is the Smoky Mountain salt water taffy. We all stocked up! It was a great night off and I always look forward to our time in Gatlinburg. With a few more days left of spring break, we are taking advantage of our time on the water and half priced Sonic shakes!

Novice Men's 8 hard at work

Ryan Overholt
Hometown: Naperville, IL
Major: Information Systems
Today, we woke up extra early to get the men’s team over to Oak Ridge to race with Georgetown on the course there. I was working with the novice women’s team today, as I am coming back from a lengthy injury.

It was very cold today, but I was excited to get into a sweep boat for the first time all year after rowing a double all week. I put on all my layers and rowed away in the cold at stroke seat. It was extremely windy and the water was whitecapping sometimes into my lap but I learned a lot today. I could coach my own blade a lot, and found myself backing the blade in poorly. I worked on squaring early and catching with my knees and by the end of practice, I felt like I had so much more power at the catch and top quarter of the stroke.

After rowing for almost 3 hours, we went back to the hotel to prepare to go to Gatlinburg! I took a very very hot shower to warm my feet up and put my layers back on. After a fun van ride, we arrived at Gatlinburg and I walked around town, stopping at a few shops and attractions. I got some amazing Tennessee barbeque at Bennett’s Pit BBQ! I didn’t go hiking because of the cold, but I wish I did! It was a very fun afternoon and a good break from practicing twice a day all week. I’m excited for the second half of the training trip coming up!

Freshmen Oar Noah Lasky

Noah Lasky
Hometown: Midland, MI
Major: Biomedical Science
Wednesday morning was a change of pace for us all as we had to get up and prepare to leave by 6:45 am instead of the usual 8:00. This was due to a change in schedule for the men as we went to workout with Georgetown’s 1V and 2V while the women just had regular morning practice.

All of the men packed into two vans and made our way to Oak Ridge, where we would proceed to do 6x2000m pieces with a rate cap of 18-24 strokes per minute against Georgetown. Being a novice man, this was quite a challenge for us as this was really our first time rowing with all 8 and we were challenging 3 other varsity crews. However, we managed to have an overall successful workout as we progressively got better with setting the boat throughout the workout and were able to hang with our varsity boat and Georgetown’s 2V for most of the pieces.

After our workout, all of the men went to feast on a Chinese buffet, my two favorite words, and then we showered up and left to go to Gatlinburg for a fun, relaxing afternoon. A group of friends and I mosied around all of the stores looking at all the unique trinkets they sold and debated whether or not to buy brass knuckles for $8. We also came across a sock shop which is where I spent the majority of my money. To round out our trip we stopped at Five Guys, one of the finest eating establishments ever established for eating. Then we packed up the vans and headed back to the hotel for the night.

The night wrapped up with a little hot tub action and some rather intense Super Smash Bros gameplay. I’m very excited to continue practicing and getting better with my team and am looking forward to facing off against North Carolina on Saturday.

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