Day 7 – March 8th
Posted on Thursday, March 8th, 2018 at 11:18 pm

Varsity Women in an eight

Melissa Frank
Oswego, IL
Major: Biochemistry
Today, the team was back to our normal schedule of eating breakfast between 7 and 8, heading out to the course at 8 for our first row of the day. In two fours, the novice women and the 2v women headed out battling the cold and snow to practice putting everything together that we had focused on for the beginning of the trip: posture, body prep, timing, control, the catch and the release. We did multiple different stationary drills to focus on putting everything together. Between drills we did some steady state rowing in order to warm up. After that practice, we ate lunch at the course and headed back to the hotel to sit in the hot tub and warm up and get feeling back in our hands and toes!

We had a quick turn around after the morning practice and headed back to the course at 2:30 for some steady state. In an eight, we went out to battle the water and snow once again. We started with our usual pre-race technical warm up and rowing on the square, and then did a nineteen-minute pyramid downstream. After that we rowed back to the boat house, by sixes, and by all eight. On our way back from practice, we decided to go to Chick-Fil-a! So, we had 5 minutes to run back into the hotel change, grab our wallets, and head out to get some food!! And then I personally settled in for the night, to watch some Netflix and sleep.

Sal Bancheri

Salvatore Bancheri
Hometown: Allendale, MI
Major: Accounting
I woke up this morning at 7:30 having to leave for practice at 8. Yesterday morning we had to leave by 6:45 to scrimmage against Georgetown, in which we held off their second varsity boat in our last piece. Today was a lighter practice and was focussed more towards stationary drills and some steady state. It was really cold out in the morning and pretty choppy out on the water. During practice, I learned when striking from the balance you need to keep your hands level and parallel with the oar-lock which also keeps the boat balanced and we also focused on striking to the balanced and how to gradually square into the catch in a way that makes your catches feel like the water is catching your blade in the water. After morning practice, we headed back the hotel and grabbed some lunch and enjoyed the hottub, which felt really good on my muscles after pieces from the day before. We went to the course again around 4 and worked on the same drills and technique as before. We rowed all eight in our novice boat with our 3 and 4 seat having no experience on the water and had gotten in a boat for their first time this past Saturday. The set of the boat wasn’t too bad and we got moving pretty fast at one point. After practice, some of the coswains and other guys on the team went out to Applebees for dinner and ended the night with some half off milkshakes from sonic. Overall, it was a very productive day; I learned alot more about the sport of rowing and felt the guys in my boat and myself grew together as a team, which makes me look forward to practice tomorrow morning.

Novice Women and 2nd varsity 8

Annie Stefanich
Hometown: Armada, MI
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Today it felt like we traveled back to Michigan. There was a high of 38 and snowfall. You know it cold, when we are begging to row. We began the day by having a team breakfast before heading to the launch site.

Once we arrived at the course, we had a team stretch and a chalk talk about correct and incorrect shoulder orientation that affects the balance of the boat. We were also reminded to lean into the rigger and to have proper posture at the catch and release. Coach B discussed the drills we would be working
on during practice. He taught strike to the balance which is feathering with hands away at the release and strike from the balance which is squaring and planting the blade in the water at the catch.

On the water, we worked on maintain balance through the drive and the release by keeping blade heights the same and applying pressure to the face by having the hand accelerate into the body. Alternating between steady state and drills. Varsity and novice women took out an eight and two fours and the varsity men took out two fours and the novice men took out an eight.

We finished the morning session by strapping down all the large boats and putting all the small boats on the trailer due to the high winds. The team had lunch and headed back to the hotel for a break.

During the second practice, women 2V went out in an eight and did a long, steady state row. Rowing by sixes, rotating pairs, rowers worked on correcting individual mistakes in blade work and posture for the 90 minute practice.

Overall we had a good day, despite the colder weather, we made many improvements with our blade work which really helped to balance the boat.

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