Laker Navy Holds Annual Beach Olympiad

The Laker Navy kicked off the year in outstanding fashion with the annual Beach Olympiad! This event brings both varsity and new novice rowers together in tight competition. Grand Haven beach was filled with rowers, over 70 athletes lined its shores.

Split into four teams, there were four main events in the team competition. First was the name game, in which all teams shined, followed by the human knot. Team two was the first to unravel, followed shortly after by teams one and three. Second was the bucket fill, again team two won by a small margin. Next was the “over-under” race. After close competition, team four crossed the line first with the rest of the pack finishing shortly after. The final event was the headliner: the tug-of-war. Teams two and three breezed past against their preliminary opponents and faced off in the championship round. After a tough battle, the stalemate was finally broken and team two again found themselves on top. After a strong performance in all areas of competition, team two was a half point victor after a late charging team four.

The last game of the day was greased watermelon rugby. The Crisco covered fruit was tossed back and forth in novice versus varsity action. First up were the women’s teams. After a slow start, the novice women fought their watermelon across the goal line. In the men’s event, the varsity team fought valiantly against the tough novice group. However, outnumbered nearly three to one, they eventually succumbed to the onslaught and the novice men came out victorious.

The day was wrapped up over the grill with hotdogs and Gatorade. Fun was had by all and the 2015 season is officially in full swing. The team is now preparing for fall competition, the first being the Head of the Grand Regatta, in which the novice team will see its first action. Stay tuned, and as always, pull for the Laker Navy!

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