GVRAA Announces Springer Scholarship Recipients

The Grand Valley Rowing Club Alumni Association has proudly announced the recipients of the newly endowed Paul Springer Crew Scholarship. The two awards were given to Madeline Moldenhauer and Christopher Doherty.

First created in 2010, GVSU Rowing Alum James Muir, ’79, created a rowing scholarship in the namesake of his former coach, Paul Springer. Coach Springer lead the team from 1970 – ’82 and helped to establish the foundation that the modern club is built upon. The goal of the scholarship was to help provide the same benefits of the club to current and future athletes.

With the establishment of the Grand Valley Rowing Club Alumni Association in 2015, the members of the board successfully raised the initial funds to fully endow the scholarship fund. The current and future award winners are chosen by leadership experience, contributions to the team, and athletic/race performances.

GVRAA Vice-President Mike Stoll, ’10, extended his thanks to the entire board. “Thank you to the Grand Valley Rowing Alumni Association board members who helped review the applications. We are excited to continue this tradition and grow the fund to give out more scholarships year after year.”

The growth of the club depends on athletes and alumni alike: a big thank you to the GVRAA, the board members, and everyone who contributed to the Paul Springer Crew Scholarship. Congratulations to both Madeline and Christopher!

The Grand Valley State University Rowing Club challenges its student-athletes to reach the highest level to which they aspire both academically and athletically, while continuing to build and sustain a nationally competitive intercollegiate rowing program.

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