Day Seven- Friday, March 7, 2014
Posted on Friday, March 7th, 2014 at 11:52 pm

Sunset Row

Elle Memberto ’17
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Holland, MI

We started the day at the ICW with a few pieces on the water. The wind was a little difficult to row in but we were able get through it. The women’s novice 8 got to row in a boat from the Indian River Rowing Club, which was an interesting change. It was a very nice boat and fun to try out. Overall it was a beautiful start to the morning.

Our afternoon was very blustery, but someone of us managed to catch a few rays. It’s difficult to try and concentrate on homework with such beautiful scenery! Such a change from the tundra that we left behind.

This evening we went back to the canal and did the pre-race fartlek for tomorrow. It was difficult rowing against the strong wind, but it was good practice. We ended the day to a gorgeous Florida sunset while putting everything in it’s final place for tomorrow’s regatta. It is unfortunately time for everyone to pack up everything for our departure tomorrow back to Michigan.

Canal Rowing

Ed Avena ’14
Major: Exercise Science
Hometown: Detroit, MI

As the week is coming to an end and races are getting closer, practices have been getting much more race specific. In the past few days, we have been seat racing to determine who will be the the varsity eights. Seat racing is so important to the success of the crew because it determines the fastest combination of athletes in a boat. Each of us have had the chance to prove where we stand on the team and it is really exciting to see both the men and women giving it their all out there. I can’t wait to begin maxing out the speed we are capable of performing.

Now that seat racing is complete for this trip, we have been working on more speed work. Today, we had a few 500 meter pieces to see what kind of speed we could get at this point in the season. We also made a few switches to make sure that the men’s line-up was final. Even though we have not been on the water for long, the times we were putting out were pretty good for the first time in the new line-up.

With each new combination of rowers, we have been focusing on the timing and rhythm of the boat. Because line-ups have changed, it’s important to practice on rowing together and getting used to the feel of the boat. Today, we did many drills and practice starts to really get used to the higher rates. I believe that this spring break has been one of the most successful trips we have had. We had a few mishaps that may have either prevented us from practicing or even traveling, but it always seems to work out. With the support of our coaches, the parents who provide our lunches, the guest coaches, and those who allow us to row at their sites and use their equipment, we have had a great opportunity to get more mileage on the water.

Tomorrow, we race FIT and Jacksonville who are both great opponents. Although they have about a month of more water-time, I believe that Grand Valley is going to have a great day of racing. It’s amazing how quick we regain our technical abilities under the supervision of our head coach. While the trip may be coming to an end, I know that what all we have learned here will be taken back to Michigan where we will continue to train for the next few months. Warmer weather can’t come soon enough.

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