2nd Annual GVSU New Years Eve Regatta
Posted on Friday, January 12th, 2007 at 9:17 pm

Team Germany

Team Points:
1st Germany 36 pts. Captain : Geoff Sadek 10,5,15,6 (pictured above)
2nd Ireland 34 pts. Captain : Sarah McCormick 20,6,3,4
3rd Kazakhstan
24 pts. Captain : Tripp Fay 2,1,10,10
4th Zimbabwe 24 pts. Captain : Andria Salas 15,2,5,2

The tie was broken by a 250 meter ergometer row-off which was won by Blake
Donovan .4 secs. over Adam Cecil.

Winnning Eight: Ireland (?)
Winning Four: Zimbabwe (?)
Winning Pair: Kazakhstan (Fay/Copus)
Winning Single: Germany (Sadek)

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