Wednesday, January 6th
Posted on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016 at 10:13 pm

Athlete: Dominic Biolochini ’18

Hometown: Oxford, CA

Major: Elementary Education

Today started as the last few have, a bit chilly. The JV men and women went right at it with their 3 X 4K pieces. At the same time the Varsity Men and Women went out on the water for a long steady state row. Today’s morning row focused on the length at the catch. After the row the Varsity Men and Women swapped places with the JV squad and began their 3 X 4K pieces. Great improvements were had by all as most everyone improved from last Wednesday’s pieces here in FL as well.

With a break in between practices we were served another awesome lunch provided by the alumni. BBQ for the second day in a row was splendid. Our last practice of the day was another technical row that helped to work out some of that lactic acid built up from a hard set of pieces. As the technical trip comes to a close with only one more row tomorrow morning we all have made improvements in the stroke and especially with our cardio.

Athlete: Sara Loughman ’19

Hometown: Saline, MI

Major: Undecided

Today was our last full day of practice. We started out our morning with a quick skill and drill row and then moved on to our final ergo of the trip, a 3X3K. This erg piece really shows what progress our team has made since the beginning of the year. Although it was a struggle, some athletes really proved themselves in today’s workout.

After our morning practice, some GVSU rowing alumni provided the team with a great barbecue lunch. It was some good food and a good time with the team. Among these alumni was the first ever student admitted to the university.

After a quick afternoon nap, I went back out for practice. There was a little rain, but it quickly cleared up. We were all still pretty tired from the morning work out, but after a few lineup changes, we went out and had a good practice. After practice everyone all sat together on the hall and ate some pizza and shortly after that we had a vote for captains for the rest of the season. The trip is almost over and I am definitely ready to go home, but I will definitely miss spending time with my team. I feel like we have all improved so much in such a short amount of time.

Athlete: Julia Glenn, 19′

Hometown: Grosse Pointe, MI

Major: Education

Today we met by the boats around 7:30 AM in order to be on the water at 8:00 AM. As a team we circled up and began to stretch. After our muscles were warmed up we got in the Vespoli 8 boat and started out with swing pick working our way to full slide. On the water we focused on the reach into the rigger and Coach B with the help of the guest coaches assisted me in squaring the blade earlier before being in the catch position.

After our work on the water we stretched around the trailer and grabbed a quick snack then headed over to the ergs. Today we had to do a 3 x 4K, which was expected to be 2 seconds slower than our erg scores from Saturday’s past 3 x 3K score. The erg was a tough one for the team since our bodies have been working so hard each day down in Tampa. Although it was a difficult practice we pushed through and many teammates were able to accomplish and achieve the set goal. After we were directed to the poolside of the hotel and what we had waiting for us was an amazing lunch from the Alumni at Grand Valley State University. They were so thoughtful to bring us wonderful bbq!

Since it was a bit cloudy in Tampa most of the teammates headed into their hotel for a nap or just some rest time before the afternoon practice. The afternoon practice consisted of skill and drill work focusing on backing in the blade and getting as much length as possible. The day ended with the crew eating pizza in the hallway in the hotel and voting for our Spring team captains.

It has not only been such a learning experience down in Tampa but also a great rewarding time for the team to bond as a whole.

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