Thursday, January 7th
Posted on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 9:13 pm

Athlete: Christopher Doherty ’17

Hometown: Traverse City, MI

Major: Clinical Exercise Science

It has been a bittersweet ending to our annual winter training trip. A lot of hard work was put in by all, and every stroke was another critical step for success in the Spring.

We all had an early wake up today with practice at 7 AM this morning. For our final row of the week, the team participated in the first annual Island Regatta. This inter-squad race had each boat complete two laps of Harbour Island; this competition had us emphasize propulsion per stroke at only 22 strokes per minute. One of the most challenging aspects of this final row was the course itself. Featuring two turns of over ninety degrees, a coxswains course could make or break a single run. A tough but fitting end to our time on the water, the improvements made by all could be easily seen.

After a quick and efficient trailer loading session, those left all piled in vans and headed to sunny Clearwater beach. A fun and relaxing end to our time in Flordia, the athletes of the club were scattered around playing volleyball, beach soccer, swimming, and exploring the surrounding downtown area. Everyone was soaking up the last bit of sun they could before returning to the frigid North. We are very fortunate to be able to train in such an ideal location and have the time to have fun next to the beautiful ocean.

I will be flying out tomorrow morning along with a few of my teammates, saying goodbye to Tampa for another year. For me, this week has been a way to not only improve my fitness and rowing ability, but also to bond with my team; it was especially nice to get to know the novice who earned their way onto this trip. A big thank you to all who made this possible: guest coach Joe Haney, guest coach Vinnie Puma, guest coach John Reichner, the alums who provided lunch, the Homeisters, the Goodwins… the list goes on and on. Its really amazing how much support we get and how far we can and will go with it.

Until next time Tampa!

Athlete: Libby Bradt ’18

Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Today was the last practice on the water until spring break. Instead of working on technique, the plan was to take a field trip around the smaller of the two islands. This field trip was a way to use every thing that we have learn on the trip so far. With a rate at 22 spm each of the boats set off on the trek. The starts of each of the boats were staggered to give a fair chance to all. The Women’s 2V started off first followed by the 1V, the men’s boats followed after. When the first lap was completed, switches were made. Then we set off for another lap. The team was prepared for three laps but after the second one, Coach B called for all the boats to link together for the annual end of trip photo. Then we headed back to the docks on this channel for the last time. Boats came off the water and were washed off and de rigged. The process of loading the trailer had begun. Trailer loading had some challenges but once those were solved it was finished. The team walked back to the hotel from the site for the last time.

For all those that were not flying home today, had one last beach day in Clear Water. Vans were loaded and left for the beach by 1 pm. The trip to the beach was filled with excitement since the sun decided to peak out from behind the clouds. The vans were unloaded faster than they were loaded. Everyone was just happy to be by the gulf for another time. Belongings were placed down and a group walked off to the nearby volleyball courts. Other groups laid out on their towels to soak in the last of rays they could. Even though we are mainly rowers, we like to attempt to play other sports including frisbee, volleyball, and football. By the time the team left the beach everyone was tuckered out and ready to be back at the hotel. The task of packing up everything had begun. As the last of the team leaves the wonderful city of Tampa tomorrow. We reflect on all the things that were learned on this great but hard training trip.

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