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May 5th, 2007

Grand Valley State University hosted the MACRA Regatta in downtown Grand Rapids at Riverside Park. Schools competing included Grand Valley, University of Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Mercyhurst and Dayton. Cloudy skies and strong winds blowing across the course was the day’s norm as crews rowed 1850 meters upstream against a swift current.

After a strong performance in their heat, Grand Valley’s Varsity Men’s 4+ placed a disappointing 4th (7:39.68) in the Grand Final, 6 seconds behind Mercyhurst (7:33.28) and a ways back from University of Michigan. The Varsity Men’s 8+ pulled it together for a great race with Ohio State (6:29.72) and University of Michigan (6:34.10). Rowing up to the medals dock GVSU (06:26.48) received their gold medals and the MACRA Men’s cup. The Varsity Men’s pair, consisting of two lightweight rowers, went up against some very stiff competition. University of Michigan entered their entire varsity 8 in the pair event, not allowing any room for the GVSU lightweight pair finishing last in the event. Grand Valley’s Light Weights took a third place finish this weekend in the Light Weight/2nd Varsity event. Mercyhurst’s (6:38.23) and Northwestern’s (6:44.91) Light Weight crews edged out Grand Valley (6:48.94) for the top two spots. Special Mention to Brian Britz who raced his last competitive race For GVSU in the Single Scull Event, coming in last to some young guns.

Grand Valley’s Novice Men finished the day with two silver medals. One silver medal in the Novice Men’s A4+ (7:48.17), losing gold to Ohio State (7:37.65), and the other in the 8+. Michigan (6:34.68), just as in Indiana, took gold ahead of Grand Valley’s Novice Men (6:42.05). The Novice B4+ was eliminated earlier in the day, placing 4th in their heat.

GV’s Varsity Women’s 8+ faced the toughest competition they have had since racing Dowling in New York. Holding the lead over Ohio State for 1500 meters the VW8+ was looking at another 1st place finish. In the last 500 meters, Ohio State (7:24.46) made a devastating sprint, walking through GV (7:27.66) for the gold. With a 23 second victory over Lawrence University, GV’s Varsity Women’s pair heads to Dad Vail with two medals over the past two regattas.

Finishing third in their event was the Novice Women’s 8+ (8:26.88). Both boats to finish ahead of them were from Ohio State, OSU A (8:09.25), and OSU B (8:22.42). The Novice Women also won a bronze medal in the 4+ event. Mercyhurst (9:07.55) and Ohio State (9:02.88) barely edged out the victory over Grand Valley (9:08.89).

Crew of the week goes to the Varsity Men’s 8+ bow four for pulling the stern four down the course and to a gold medal. After the stern four had two prior races in the 4+ event, they were counting on some serious bow drive from their still fresh teammates.
V8 Medals

Grand Valley will be heading to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for the May 12th Dad Vail Regatta. This is Grand Valley’s final race of the season and is the Grand Valley Crew’s National Championship regatta.

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MV8: cox. Malloure/Sadek/Donovan/Slater/Vainner/Ott/Copus/Fay/Vallier
ML8: cox. Bachert/Reagan/Gerwatowski/Cecil/Robertson/Plonka/Rejc/Feil/Sylvester
MN8: cox. Schooltz/Beebe/Davis/McClusky/League/Eisenhauer/A.Stoll/M.Stoll/ Schoolcraft
MN4A: cox. Schooltz/ Beebe//League/Eisenhauer/Davis
MN4B: cox. Jaster/Waldron/Binford/Bozung/Ripka
MV2: Boshart/Lemoine
WV8: cox. Rasch/Chaffee/Zelenka/McCormick/Proctor/Morgan/Kroll/Salas/O’Brien
WN8: cox. Higgins/Leipprandt/Holben/Vanderark/Socks/Hubbell/Robinson/Mills/Gray
WN4: cox. Higgins/Leipprandt/Holben/Vanderark/Gray

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