Spring Training Wrap Up
Posted on Saturday, March 12th, 2016 at 9:12 pm

Scott Thorbjornsen, ‘16
Hometown: Bangor, MI
Major: Speech Pathology

The Laker Navy once again opened the spring season with week long trip over spring break. This year’s venue was Oak Ridge TN, where miles of river were waiting to be rowed. The trip started with a long Darth Vader row that got our blood flowing and muscles ready for the long week ahead of us. After a few days of listening to coaches chalk talks and working on the technical aspects of the sport we began seat racing to test our meddle.

Waking up every morning would have been much harder if not for the great weather we had all week. The average temperature was around 67 degrees. Hopefully we all come back looking like bronze statues.

The week also included a Star Trek row where the Laker Navy went where no other crew had gone before. The distance we went made us all dig deep to finish the row and not give up. Our efforts were rewarded with an afternoon in Gatlinburg where we enjoyed the views the Appalachians can give.

To finish the week we held our own regatta on the race course at Oak Ridge. Each crew did five 1500 meter races to Guage where they are before heading into racing season. Each crew has room to improve and will work towards the expectations they have for themselves over these next few weeks before w ego to our first race in Washington DC.

This trip was a very tough one but we came out for the better. Thank you for all of your support. Pull for the Laker Navy!

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