Laker Navy heads Up North for a Mini Training Camp


The Laker Navy spent the weekend at Sandy Beach County Park on Hardy Pond for an intense mini camp. After arriving on Friday night, the team set up their tents to prepare for the first practice on Saturday morning.

The first practice consisted a very detailed chalk talk, followed by the Novices learning how to rig their equipment and how to beach launch, while the Varsity put in some mileage in Fours and Eights in an event Coach B very affectionately calls “Bucket Racing”. After a very long practice and some much needed lunch, the whole squad was split up into 5 teams for the annual Beach Olympics. A lot of fun was shared by all teams, whether they won or lost. That evening, practice was pushed back two hours or so as to avoid pleasure boat traffic, and the team hit the water for our second practice at 6pm. After some tech work, the team brought it back to land for some pizza and more “ice-breaker” games around the fire.

Practice on Sunday consisted of more Eights for the Novices and some small boat work for the Varsity squad. As soon as we hit land after practice, we started de-rigging and loading the trailer for the trip back home.

Thank you to all of the Laker Navy Supporters who helped make this trip possible, and we’ll see you at our first Regatta in Nashville, TN!

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