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Results for BFE Race 2 and 3

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

We had this week’s 2nd and 3rd BFE races on Saturday and the entire team showed improvement. The novice women’s course was shortned by 1000 meters on Race 3.
The top 3 times from Race 2 are as follows:

Boat Class Names Time
M2- Sadek/Vainner 33:03.0
M2- Fay/Copus 34:29.3
ML4 LM/Rejc/Plonka/Boshart/Feil 34:46.0

The top 3 times from Race 3 are as follows:

Boat Class Name Time
M2- Sadek/Vannier 35:00.0
ML4 LM/Rejc/Plonka/Boshart/Feil 35:03.0
M2- Fay/Copus 35:17.0

For the full results go to BFE 2 and 3 Results.

Result for BFE Race 1

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Today was the first BFE Race. The course starts at BFE and goes up river against the current to the power lines and then back, which is about 10k. The top 3 times from today are as follows:

Names Time
Sadek/Vainner 34:29.01
Fay/Copus 34:37.18
Stevens/Robertson/Plonka/Rejc/Feil 35:51.02

For the full results go to BFE 1 Results.

Crew Team Prepares to Christen New Singles

Thursday, September 14th, 2006

The Grand Valley Rowing Team has named six new singles after former presidents and a coach of the club. Their names are:

Shane Szalai
Rebecca Wimsatt
Brian Brewer
Dave George
Matt LeBlanc
Greg Hartsuff

These singles will be christened at the Homecoming Frosh vs. Alumni race on Oct 21st.

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