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Replacement Boat for the GVSU Rowing Club

Saturday, April 23rd, 2011

Friends of Grand Valley Rowing,

On Sunday, April 9 while driving on I-80-90 (The Ohio Turnpike) one of our eight man shells, the “Coach Bob Sawicki”, a front line racing boat flew off our trailer while in transit. We learned that one of the special straps that held the boat was worn and broke in heavy winds. The boat landed on the berm of the highway and broke into two pieces, it was a total loss. Thank God no one was injured and it did not affect traffic.

We have since reviewed and replaced any straps that might be considered compromised and have been working with insurance to replace the boat. As you know we are in midseason and in need of every piece of equipment at our disposal. Luckily, the new varsity eight man shell, the “Mike Keeler” purchased with an anonymous alumni gift and Student Senate funding arrived this week. The manufacturer, Hudson Boatworks brought the new boat last Wedsnesday along with a loaner to get our guys through the season. That loaner (valued at $29K) is a 2008 Hudson Elite Predator and is in mint condition. Our 2V loves the boat and has closed the gap on the 1V by about 10 seconds.

With the expected insurance settlement of around $14K and the hopes of a donor who woud like naming rights, we could replace the totaled shell with a new or newer boat. Thus everyone on the team would benefit from the improvement to the fleet. I know times are tough for all and I know you have all been very supportive of the Laker Navy and our successes. I am asking if you and/or anyone you know is in the position to help in any way, please consider a gift to replace the boat. Any gift no matter its size would be appreciated.

The hope is that we can raise enough funds along with the insurance settlement to purchase the loaner or a new boat for our growing program. Thanks so much for your continued support of the Laker Navy.

The tradition started in 1964 continues!

The Laker Navy
Coach John and Staff

Tax deductible gifts can be sent to:
Grand Valley State University Rowing Club
1 Campus Drive
110 Kirkhof Center
Allendale, MI 49401

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GVSU Competes in Weekend Races with Buffalo & Rochester

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011

Last weekend Grand Valley competed in two races. The Women’s Varsity and Novice Crews traveled to Ann Arbor on Saturday to compete in the University of Michigan’s Women’s Invitational, then all crews competed against University if Rochester on Sunday at New Lake in Allendale.

On Saturday, the Women’s Varsity and Novice teams drove across the state to compete against University of Michigan, Oklahoma, Indiana and Buffalo. Bad weather caused an hour delay and some scheduling modifications, resulting in the varsity events being divided into two events. One event included a race between University of Michigan, Oklahoma, and Indiana, and the second event became a two-boat dual between Grand Valley and Buffalo, but in the end results were pooled. Both the Women’s 1V and 2V fell to Buffalo and came in fifth overall in their respective races. Grand Valley Women’s 1V finished in 7:23.11 behind Buffalo’s 7:15.34. University of Michigan won the event in 7:11.15. Oklahoma (7:13.79) and Indiana (7:15.66) finished in second and third respectively. The Women’s 2V finished in 7:27.17 behind Buffalo’s time of 7:19.45. University of Michigan also won the Women’s 2V event with a time of 7:00.87, followed by Indiana in 7:10.22, and Oklahoma in 7:13.02. The novice boats competed in a series of shorter pieces off the course in more protected water. Grand Valley Women were supported by huge turnout of parents who graciously supplied the crews with food after the races.

On Sunday, Grand Valley was joined by crews from the University of Rochester to compete in a 2000 meter race at New Lake just outside of Allendale. Grand Valley had a very successful day coming out victorious in every event. In the Men’s Novice 8+, Grand Valley finished in 8:46.14 to University of Rochester’s 9:17.94. The Men’s Novice/Lightweight 8+ had GVSU finish in 8:29.69 ahead of UR in 9:07.59. The Women’s 1V and 2V, fresh off of races with Buffalo from the day before, both finished in first ahead of Rochester. The Women’s 1V finished in 9:41.29 well in front of Rochester’s 10:11.18. The Women’s 2V also proved themselves with a large margin of victory with a time of 9:39.53 over Rochester’s 10:40.11. The Men’s 2V faced University of Rochester’s 2V/Lightweight crew and came away in first with a time of 7:36.31 to Rochester’s 7:46.86. The Men’s Varsity 8+ race saw competition between Grand Valley’s 1V and 2V against Rochester’s 1V. Both of Grand Valley’s boats fought ahead of Rochester with the 1V finishing first in 7:34.61, and the 2V finishing in a close second in a time of 7:44.3. Rochester rounded out the race in 8:07.75. The most intense race of the day occurred between the Men’s Varsity Fours with coxswain. Grand Valley had two men’s boats against one crew from Rochester. Each of the three boats battled down the 2000 meter course with each crew holding the lead for some portion. In the end, Grand Valley’s second boat composed of the bow four from the Varsity 8+ came in first with a time of 7:53.91, followed by University of Rochester in 7:54.89, and Grand Valley’s first boat composed of stern four of the Varsity 8+ came in third in 7:56.94.

The weekend’s races may have been small, but provided Grand Valley with an opportunity for more racing, as well as practice rowing in windy conditions. Next the crews look forward to a weekend off for Easter, then will travel to Indianapolis for MACRA on April 30th.

Varsity Women Take Gold at Knecht Cup

Monday, April 11th, 2011

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