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A look Back to Fall 2012 for Parents, Family, and Supporters

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Parents and Families —

It’s been a fantastic fall season! The GVSU rowers have had a great time and have been very successful. We have had an outpouring of support from you – their parents/families. Hmmm….success of the rowing team has been fed by the support of the families??? Or does the success of the rowing team feed the support of the families?? Kind of like the chicken and the egg.

I can hardly begin to thank each and every one of you for all you have done this fall season. We had a terrific showing at Family Day, LOTS of parents/families attending the regattas, TONS of food to feed hungry rowers, cash donations to purchase what was not donated and to send travel food with the team, parents and families helping out at the regattas, setting up grills, tables, grilling, serving, transporting supplies, and organizing. WOW! I think the GVSU rowers are an awesome group of kids. Now I know where they get it from!

I can’t even begin to name everyone who participated and helped in so many ways. Thanks to ALL of you for pitching in. It’s a TEAM effort and we couldn’t do it without each and every one of you. There are some people who stepped up this fall to do a little bit extra to help pull the meals together and I would like to acknowledge them.

Carolyn Ciungan, our parent coordinator. She’s the one you get emails from requesting food for each of the regattas. Lots of time is spent putting this together, getting it organized, responding to emails, etc.

Diane West has hosted each fall regatta and organized the fall regatta setups/tear downs. She also made travel food for the rowers headed to Boston for the Head of the Charles.

John O’Brien – pasta maker/server extraordinaire and Harry Sawicki, Kim and Terry Hyde – our master grillers/soup makers J.

Also, a special thank you to Tyler Sellmer who puts up and tears down the GV food tent and also always answers my phone calls asking to bring water to the regattas! And to Costas Ciungan who makes sure all the relevant emails I send get out on the parent support section of the GV Rowing website.

We have some leftovers (i.e. granola bars, bagel thins, pb&J, rice krispie treats) that we will be sending down with the rowers going to Florida over Christmas break. And we will use some of the parent cash donations to send travel food with the rowers. So thank you in advance for helping us with this trip.

I am really looking forward to the spring season and hope you are too. We’ll be back at it, asking for help and support , and I am pretty sure we will get the same response this spring. I think we are all very blessed to be a part of the GVSU Rowing Family, so this Thanksgiving, let’s say an extra prayer of thanks for your sons/daughters, the coaches, and all the parents/families who are so much a part of this wonderful family.

Chris J

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

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November 17 2012
Robinson Twp, MI

GV Frostbite Regatta 2012

Parents and Families – First, let me say a BIG Thank You to all of you who participated in last weekend’s regatta in Ypsilanti. The coaches and rowers were really impressed with the big spread of food to eat and the amount of support shown. Our program at GVSU is so much better than many other college programs because of the great parents and families we have supporting our rowers. So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Rowing Gear: For those of you who may be interested in purchasing rowing gear (think Christmas presents!), we contract with an organization called Boathouse Gear. All purchases are made online. I have been told their website should be open soon (no definite date, but soon), so once I receive the official announcement, I will pass that along.

Saturday, November 17 is our next and final regatta for this fall season. It will be a scrimmage amongst the GVSU rowers. ALL rowers will participate and Coach B. tells me that all the rowers will be on the water the entire morning, so rowers will be in multiple races. The Frostbite Regatta, as it is affectionately called, will start at 8:30am and finish around 11:00am. It is being held at the Quarry (also known as the Proving Grounds) out here west of Allendale. We will have a picnic lunch at 11:00am, a time where everyone can eat and socialize all at the same time J. Carolyn will be sending out a food request next week, so please be sure to watch for it.

Because we are rowing against each other, Coach Bancheri has extended an offer to parents/families who might want to see some rowing up close. If you would like to take some pictures or video, you can get a ride in one of the launches and follow the boats in some of the races. To be able to accommodate everyone who is interested, we are asking you to email Assistant Coach Alyssa O’Donnell and let her know you would like to do this. She will take groups in the launch throughout the morning. Please do this by next week Wednesday, so she has some time to organize this. Her email address is: . Please dress to stay WARM!!!

Directions to the Quarry/Proving Grounds: It is located west of GVSU on the Grand River. To get there, you need to get to GVSU first. Then from the college, head west on Lake Michigan Drive (M-45) past Allendale. Turn right on 104th Ave (north). There is a bar/restaurant on the southeast corner of 104th/Lake Michigan Drive called The Embassy. Take 104th until it dead ends. Turn right (east). Just down the road on the left side is an Ottawa County boat launch/park area where you can park. Walk to the end of the road for the regatta, tent, and to spectate. If you have food donations that need to be dropped off before parking, just drive to the end of the road. It dead ends right where we will be set up.

The support from you all has been absolutely overwhelming this fall season. The rowers and Coaches so much appreciate all you do (me too). Let’s finish off this season with a great turnout and a fun event next Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Keep Pulling for the Laker Navy

Chris Scott
GVSU Rowing Team Advisor
Grand Valley State University
123a Student Services Building
Allendale, MI 49401
616-331-3754 – work
616-566-7731 – cell

Monday, November 5th, 2012

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