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John Schintzel Memorial Fund

Friday, September 27th, 2013

John Schnitzel Memorial Fund

Schintzel has the Green Hat on

This fund is being established at Grand Valley State University due to the long time moral and monetary support John Schintzel has offered over the years. In 1983, John and his college roommate Steve Callaghan started a 50 mile row-a-thon to support the sport of rowing at the University of Charleston, in WV.

This was an example of John Schintzel’s love and dedication to the sport of rowing. During that time John Bancheri acted as the motorized boat support person and could not help his urge to coach during this all day endeavor. At the end of the day, “Schintz” was insistent to John Bancheri that he should consider coaching crew in the future; he had a natural ability and solid knowledge of the sport that could truly help young rowers.

As we all know the rest is history, John Bancheri is a very successful Head Coach here at the Grand Valley State University’s rowing program and club. What most don’t know is that John Schintzel backed up his words of encouragement and belief‘s for many year. Over the past 20 years he has been an active financial, moral and sounding board to Coach Bancheri and the University’s rowing program.

His love for rowing, and his quiet mostly unknown support will live on….’

The link to donate to the John Schintzel Memorial Fund is below and is established at Grand Valley State University to support rowing and continue the legacy of John Schintzel.

DONATE TODAY to the John Schnitzel Memorial Fund (Secure Link)

GVSU Rowing Fall Training Camping on Hardy Pond!

Saturday, September 21st, 2013


Members of the GVSU Varsity Rowing Team will be pitching tents, rowing boats and spending some quality time together this weekend as they traveled to White Cloud, Michigan for a technical training camp. The team will be spending extra time on the water perfecting technique and getting some much needed mileage in. Everyone is looking forward to getting into singles and working on sculling, something they don’t get to do every day! The fun will continue off the water as the team will participate in team bonding activities and spend some quality time with one another. It should be a great weekend for the Laker Navy!

Day One

Today the Lakers began the day on the water with some skill and drill working primarily on the drive. The team was mostly working in small boats to hone in on the technique that will take the team to the next level. After doing circle drills while varying from outside hand to inside hand, and finally regular rowing the team then finished the morning practice with some steady state along the coast line of the picturesque Hardy Pond. The team then broke for lunch and got a bonfire going as well as an intense game of ultimate frisbee. After the break, the team then resumed practice with a scullers clinic featuring the varsity “rookies” most of whom had never sculled before. This lasted for about an hour with some of the other varsity members joining in on practice. The team then took another quick break before starting the final practice of the day with special guest Dana Schmunk helping to give the Lakers a few more pointers on the intricacies of the drive and recovery. The team then wended with a twenty stroke race to see which boat could row the longest. After the last practice of the day the team loaded up on hot dogs, smores, and other snack while huddling around the campfire for a night of games and laughs.

Day Two

The second day of the Hardy Pond combine started very similar to the first with Coach Bancheri bellowing out his morning wake up call to let everyone know that it was time for everyone to get back to work. There was breakfast provided for all along with all of the other trip meals thanks to the parents and Chris Scott. The team then got on the water in all range of boat sizes as the final practice of the trip commenced. The practice plan included another day of heavy skill and drill along with some steady state by all fours and all eights along with some battle paddles thrown in at 3-to-1 and 2-to-1. Then we loaded the trailer and got a few more snacks before hitting the road and getting back to Allendale.

Welcome Back Laker Navy Parents/Families

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

To Our Varsity Parents and Families —

It’s a sunny summer/fall day, we have almost finished the second week of school and the rowing season has begun. I am returning for my fourth year as one of the GVSU Rowing Team advisors. I am looking forward to seeing all of you that I met last year and getting a chance to meet more of you this year. I have been asked to continue in my role as a liaison between the rower’s parents/families and the University. So, please feel free to contact me if you have questions, concerns, need to vent, want to help, whatever….

Our coaching/support staff is back with us this year, with just a few changes. John Bancheri will continue on as head coach for both varsity men and women. Kelsey Arnold will be returning to coach the women’s novice team and to see if she can repeat the women’s novice undefeated season from last year. Alyssa O’Donnell returns as our Assistant Varsity Coach. Hugh McKeegan will not only coach the novice men’s team this year, but will also be in charge of facilities and logistics. Tyler Sellmer has graduated and will be leaving soon to join the U.S. Navy. Mike Stoll returns as a Rowing Team advisor. Our third advisor, Kirsten Bartels has left GVSU so we will not see her this year.

Last year, we had awesome family support for the regattas. Carolyn Ciungan volunteered to help coordinate the regatta menus and the requests for food items. Parents volunteered to host regattas. We added making travel food for many of the trips and lots of sandwiches were made to send along. LOTS of parents/families brought food and those that couldn’t helped support the team financially. So we are ready to start this all again this year.

Carolyn has agreed to continue to help coordinate the food tent menus. We will be asking for a parent/family to host each regatta. As a host, we ask that you and Carolyn work together to decide on a healthy meal option(s), be at the regatta site early to set up tables and food, organize the folks who volunteer to help serve food and help tear down and clean up after the regatta is over. Mailings requesting food items will come from Carolyn again this year. Last year, we were fortunate to have some senior parents who were very involved in hosting the regattas. We will need to replace these families with support from you, so please give serious consideration to hosting a regatta. There are always LOTS of folks to help out, so you are never alone in the effort, but ultimately someone has to be responsible for the food tent.

On the GVSU website,, you will find all the latest rowing news, so be sure to check the website often. The 2013-2014 schedule is also posted there. Under ‘Support’, you’ll find a Parental Information page where I will have emails that I send with relevant information posted as well.

Here are the events we have been asked to provide food for this fall.

Sept. 21/22 – Varsity Combine – We have been asked to provide lunch, dinner and breakfast for the varsity rowers. I have some parent donation funds left from last year, so I will be purchasing food for this from those funds. Food will be sent along with rowers and they will take care of making their own meals (sandwiches, hot dogs, etc). Sandra Crandall has offered to assist with logistics/dessert since she lives so close to Sandy Beach park. There will be no ‘regatta food tent’ at this camp out, so no need for anyone to host.

Sunday, October 20 – Head of the Grand – East Lansing, MI – I will definitely need a host for this event. Our Varsity 8 and 4 men and women will be travelling to Boston for the Head of the Charles this same weekend. And I will be out of town from Oct. 17-29, so will not be available to host/attend this regatta. So, if your son/daughter will be going to Lansing for this regatta, please consider being a host as many of the parents who hosted last year are either gone or their rowers will be going to Boston. Thanks!!

October 19-21 – Head of the Charles – Boston, MA – We will be providing travel food for the team. Diane West has offered to help with this.

Saturday, November 2 – UM Fall Invitational – Ypsilanti, MI – We will need a host for this event.
(There is a possibility that we will attend the Head of the Eagle in Indianapolis on October 26 in place of this regatta.)

Saturday, November 9 – GV Frostbite Regatta – The Quarry, near GVSU – GVSU rowers will compete against each other. Cookout to follow event.

Please put Saturday, October 5th on your calendar as this is Family Weekend at GVSU. We’ll be hosting families down at the Boathouse and you can get a chance to ‘learn to row’. I plan to be there so if you come, please be sure to find me and say hello!

Thanks to ALL of you for all your support! We couldn’t do any of this without you. Looking forward to a great year!!

Chris Scott
GVSU Rowing Team Advisor
Grand Valley State University
123a Student Services Building
Allendale, MI 49401

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