Marietta, OH
March 24th – March 25th, 2018

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Marietta Invitational 2018

This weekend, March 24th and 25th, the Laker Navy traveled to Marietta, Ohio, to participate in the Marietta invite. This was a double duel race between Marietta, Grand Valley, Ohio State University, Oklahoma City, and Notre Dame. The Laker Navy got in some great early season racing on the Muskingum River in Ohio as well as coast to coast, from San Diego, CA to Marietta, OH, because the Varsity Women’s 8+ was in San Diego racing and the rest of the team was in Marietta, Ohio racing.

Men’s Assistant Coach Costas Ciungan ’15 (3rd year) stated that “this was a great opportunity to get in some great racing and test our training against very good competitors. A crew becomes more of a team in each race they compete in, and these early season races help our athletes do just that.” In addition, Coach Costas Ciungan stated that “many crews, including my novice men and the men’s 2X, got better in each race they rowed this weekend. Their last race against Marietta’s 2V was the best I had seen the novice men row.”

The Men’s varsity 8+ had some hard racing with Notre Dame and Marietta College, falling to them by 2.3 seconds and 6.8 seconds respectively. The Men’s Varsity A 4+ took 1st over OKC by 0.66 seconds.

The Women’s Varsity 4+ took 2nd to OSU by 19.88 second, however placed easily ahead of OKC . The Novice Men’s 8+ fell to Notre Dame and Marietta’s 2nd Varsity 8+ by 9.19 seconds and 14.63 seconds respectively. Against Marietta’s 2V, the novice men caught a boat stopping crab at 150m togo before the line. The outcome was not affected, but the margin was.

The novice women’s 4+ raced hard and took 2nd to OSU’s Varsity 4+ easily and placed 1st over OKC’s Varsity 4+ by 9.33 seconds. The Men’s Novice/Varsity 2x took 2nd easily to OKC’s top 2x but closed the gap by 4 seconds in their second race with them.

Overall the Laker Navy has gotten in some great early season racing and look forward to the racing to come. A link to the full results have been posted in the left hand menu bar. Check back here often for the latest information and pictures of the trip! Pull for the Laker Navy!


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