Donnie Jensen in the Costas V. Ciungan during the Western Ontario Scrimmage

Laker Navy Adds New Single to Fleet

It is always an exciting occasion when a new boat arrives at the GVSU boathouse. The arrival of a new Hudson single, the Costas V. Ciungan, is no exception.

Following tradition, each former GVSU Rowing Club President has a small boat named after them for their contributions to the team. Costas Ciungan was the president of the club for the 13′-14′ season and has returned to the team as the novice men’s coach.

Ciungan credits his grandfathers for much of his success. “I am not sure where I would be without my grandfathers,” he said. “My grandfathers have always been very influential in my life, both Virgil Ciungan and Costas Roussakies. I am named after two great men. I have certainly learned a tremendous amount from them and often quote them.”

He also thanks his former teammates for their contributions to the team and sees the continuation of the strong rowing tradition in today’s athletes. “I served as president during an exciting time at Grand Valley. A time that saw the Laker Navy put in consistent showings at our national championships in the spring. Constantly making the finals at the Dad Vail and ACRA. It was a great honor to serve as president of the rowing club during the 2013-2014 rowing season; to keep the tradition of rowing alive and well at GVSU. Tradition really does not graduate, but passes on to the next group of athletes and officers to protect, defend, and preserve.”

“Rowing has always been a home for me, a place where I could grow, learn, and make friends that will last a lifetime. As president of the rowing club I was able to give back to the program.”

As a former athlete and a coach, Costas continues to give back to the program. It is the generosity of others that allows the team to grow and thrive. We thank Costas and the entire Ciungan family for the donation of the new single to the team.

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