Shelby Nesbitt
Major: Behavioral Neuroscience
Hometown: Commerce, MI

Senior Spotlight: Shelby Nesbitt ’17

When I first came to Grand Valley as a freshman, I wasn’t planning on joining the rowing team. I had just finished up being a competitive swimmer for most of my life and I thought I wanted a life that wasn’t dictated by a sport (I was wrong). Within a couple weeks of being at college I was beyond bored and it was then that I decided to look for an activity to occupy my free time. That’s when I met Coastas Ciungan, who was the rowing club’s president at the time. He stopped my friends and I outside of Kleiner and talked our ears off about rowing and how awesome it is. What he said got me thinking and within a week I was at my first rowing practice, and two weeks later at my very first regatta.

Fast-forward four years later, rowing had given me unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. This sport and this team has not only taught me how to row, but many life lessons that I will take with me beyond college. It has pushed me past my limits, both physically and mentally, and shown me what I’m truly capable of in life. Every long grueling practice, training trip, erg piece, 5am snow removal, and race has been worth it and I wouldn’t change anything about my GV Rowing experience.

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