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Louisville, Tennessee
March 2nd – March 11th, 2018

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Warmer Waters: Spring Training Camp 2018

The Laker Navy is Tennessee bound! The coaches and athletes of the Grand Valley State Rowing Team are heading to Louisville, Tennessee for the annual spring break training camp! Friday the entirety of the Laker armada will leave Allendale for warmer waters, the official start of the spring season.

We are very excited to be rowing on Fort Loudoun Lake through the Smoky Mountain Rowing Center. This will be a new venue for us this year and the whole team is eagerly looking forward to being on the water again. For the novices, this is their first week long training trip and for some, their first time on the water. The varsity squad is looking to carry over lessons we learned throughout the winter season to the water.

This trip will be a great opportunity for all of us to get back into the boat and show how hard we have been working all winter. The week will start off with the Darth Vader row, a 30k row on the beautiful lake with a lot of technique work, drills, and steady state. We will conclude the week by racing University of North Carolina and East Tennessee Rowing Organization. The team is looking forward to learning a lot, gaining mileage and getting excited for the much anticipated spring season.

On behalf of the entire team, we would like to wish everyone an enjoyable and safe spring break! We invite you to follow the athlete’s daily blogs, which will be posted daily at the beginning of the trip and will continue throughout the week.

Link Here: Athlete’s Daily Blogs

Check back here often for the latest information and pictures of the trip! Pull for the Laker Navy!

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